Air heat exchanger give excellent heat transfer with minimized flid volume and low power consumption.
Alfa Laval Packinox custom designed
heat exchangers offer higher thermal
efficiency, lower pressure drop and are extremely compact.
All welded means that the hot and cold fluids are separated by welds rather than gaskets.
A chemical free treatment system for ballast water.
Solid self-contained heat exchangers that can handle both high pressures and high temperatures.
Condensers are used in air conditioning, industrial chemical processes such as distillation, steam power plants and other heat-exchange systems.
Alfa Laval decanter centrifuges provide meticulous contol, low cost and high reliability.
The Alfa Laval deodorizer design handles even the most demanding processing needs for a wide range of oil stocks, in the most efficient way.
Alfa Laval is a world leader in supplying key parts of the infrastructure crucial for effective district heating.
Specifically designed for heating of mineral oils in booster systems and prior to centrifugal cleaning.
Applications include food, chemical and solvent recovery.
Alfa Laval has developed and perfected anumber of unique filtration technologies.
Electrically driven, Hot water driven - usually in the form of waste heat or Steam driven fresh water generators.
Fusion bonding is a patented bonding technique with higher mechanical and thermal fatigue resistance than conventional brazing.
A compact and efficient heat transfer solution for a wide variety of applications.
Cross flow membrane filtration is a key separation technology for Alfa Laval.
The way the fluid is pumped through your processes can be the key to your success.
A continuous, multi-purpose flow reactor for a wide range of applications within the fields of pharmaceuticals, fine and specialty chemicals.
Proper reboiler operation is vital to effective distillation.
Ideally suited for heatiing or cooling viscous, sticky, or chunky (containing particles) products.
The key to good separation perfomance lies in the efficiency of the disc stack.
The design of the disc is crucial.
Specialised shell and tube heat exchagers for pharmaceutical, food and cooling applications.
The all-round heat transfer solution.
From dirty fluids to high vacuum condensation - spiral heat exghangers from Alfa Laval can do it all.
The Alfa Laval Tank Equipment range of rotary tank cleaning equipment provides faster cleaning, greater overall output and better and-product quality white also reducing operating costs.
Covering all the access you will need to tanks, vessel or containers where there is a need for an opening that can be easily opened and shut.
Alfa Laval tap water systems provide domestic hot water for various buildings, with latest technology and top quality.
Bends, Connections, Reducers, Tees and Tubing developed to meet exact demands for safety, efficiency and hygiene.
With millions of valves opening and closing at any time of the night or day, Alfa Laval is a recognised leading supplier of valves for a wide range of sanitary applications.