AC series
Unlike traditional heat exchangers, the brazed plate heat exchanger consists solely of surfaces that make an active contribution to heat transfer.
CB - Copper-brazed heat exchanger
The CB range of brazed plate heat exchangers feature efficient heat transfer with an extremely small footprint, making them ideal for demanding installations where space is at a premium.
Alfa V H(C)FC
Industrial range of air-cooled H(C)FC condensers in V-shape design. Capacities 150 to 1,650 kW.
AlfaBlue H(C)FC
Industrial range of air-cooled H(C)FC condensers. Suitable for both vertical and horizontal air flow.
Capacities 15 to 862 kW.
The AlfaNova is the first plate heat exchanger in the world to be made completely of stainless steel – made possible by the unique active diffusion bonding technology patented by Alfa Laval.
Evaporation systems
Evaporation systems in a new dimension. Compared to traditional shell-and-tube evaporation systems, AlfaVap and AlfaCond evaporation systems work magic on your project. Less room, reduce investment costs, and minimize maintenance.
Gasketed plate heat exchanger PHE
Alfa Laval provides a comprehensive range of plate heat exchangers of the traditional type, featuring gaskets between the plates.
AlfaCond plate condenser
Condensing plays an important part in processing industries of virtually all kinds, including energy, chemicals and food.