AFPX range
High capacity solids-ejecting centrifuge for the animal and fish processing industries, specially designed for extremely demanding separation jobs.
EF flooded evaporators
Alfa Laval's series of flooded evaporators in the capacity range 200-1100 kW are designed to achieve the highest evaporation temperatures available in the industry in combination with oil-free compressors.
LR and SA Series
Two complete series of horizontal and vertical liquid receivers.
Up to 1,000 litre capacity and liquid separators to be integrated in any cooling system.
Fresh-water condenser
Shell-and-tube condenser series optimized for HFC condensation to provide the best efficiency in applications when fresh water is used as cooling medium.
Sea-water condenser
Two series of shell-and-tube condensers optimized for HFC condensation in order to provide the best reliability and efficiency whenever seawater is used as the cooling medium.
The Pharma-line is a high-quality shell & tube heat exchanger especially developed to meet the high hygienic demands of the pharmaceutical industry.
The Pharma-X is a compact point-of-use cooler for Water-For-Injection (WFI) or Purified Water (PW) systems.
For thermal solutions for viscous food the ViscoLine range is a series of highly efficient heat exchangers that have been designed to handle your food processes in the most gentle manner.