Studies have shown that many hot water systems contain legionella bacteria.
The AquaProtect system is designed for thermal disinfection of hot water to eliminate these bacteria.
Range of heat exchangers with tubes made of acid-proof stainless steel and suitable for many different media, such as steam, domestic hot water, heating water, coolant and hot oil.
Cetetube is a range of vertical, tubular-type heat exchangers consisting of a bundle of spirally-spun, finned copper tubes inside a carbon steel shell.
KAB is a settling pot used to remove particles that are present in heating or cooling applications because of corrosion.
Magnetized particles are eliminated by the magnetic bars of the KAB
A complete line of pressurisation sets which allows control and efficiency, steadily maintaining constant pressure in a closed water loop.
AquaCompact is a compact, pre-assembled and semi-instantaneous system for district or local heating applications.
It consists of a charging kit mounted onto an AquaTank in stainless steel or enamel coating.
AquaFlow is a tap water system that provides large quantities of instantaneous and controllable water for domestic hot water applications.
AquaMicro is a complete, ready to install district heating substation for domestic hot water.
It is suitable for flats and family houses.
AquaPool is designed to reheat and maintain temperature of water in swimming pools with a primary heat source such as a boiler, solar installations, heat pumps etc. Heat exchanger is made of stainless steel or titanium plates.
Connected to a buffer vessel, AquaStore is a tap water system that provides large quantities of semi-instantaneous and controllable water for domestic hot water applications.
AquaTank is our range of hot water storage vessels in stainless steel as well as enamelled in a standardised capacity range.
Operation pressure for stainless steel calorifiers is 10 bar, as for enamelled calorifiers we offer 7 bar and 10 bar.
Primary energy storage vessel suitable for heating water from solar circuits and other renewable energy heating sources like heat pumps and geothermal sources.
It needs to be connected in a closed heating loop.