Alfa Laval sanitary membrane housings are designed for use with full-fit spiral filtration elements.
These housings are ideal for use in the food and biopharm industries, because the materials used comply with FDA regulations (CFR) Title 21.
Membrane Fittings
Clamp fittings play a key part in ensuring leak-proof connections between the many differerent types of piping and components used in membrane filtration plants.
Alfa Laval clamp fittings are designed to meet this special requirement.
Multitube Heat Exchangers
These heat exchangers are specialist equipment intended for heating and cooling the types of products normally treated using membrane filtration technology – particularly nanofiltration and reverse osmosis.
Safety filters
If any undesirable particles are present in the product flow entering a membrane filtration installation, the efficiency and durability of the entire filtration system will be severely affected.
Alfa Laval safety filters are designed to prevent this.
MR Liquid Ring Pumps
The MR range of pumps is specifically designed for pumping liquids that contain air or gas.
These pumps are most commonly used for CIP return applications in the food, dairy, beverage and pharmaceutical industries.
LKH UltraPure
Designed to meet the specific demands of the biotech and pharmaceutical industry, MR UltraPure is the well-proven liquid ring pump for CIP return pump duties or for the efficient transfer of liquids containing gases.
The OptiLobe is an optimized rotary lobe pump that is a cost-effective alternative to Alfa Laval SRU and SX rotary lobe pumps.
Designed for standard duties within the food, dairy and beverage industries.
SRU rotary lobe pump
With its smooth, low-shear pumping action, the SRU is Alfa Laval's core rotary lobe pump for the gentle handling of sensitive process fluids within the dairy, food and beverage, biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries.
SX Rotary lobe pump
The SX is Alfa Laval's premium rotary lobe pump designed for gentle transportation of process fluids in hygienic and ultra-clean applications in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries, health and beauty, and demanding food applications.