AFPX range
High capacity solids-ejecting centrifuge for the animal and fish processing industries, specially designed for extremely demanding separation jobs.
The AlfaOliver is a small-scale process module designed for the olive grower who wants to ensure a unique taste and quality profile for his production of extra virgin olive oil.
AlfaPure systems are purpose-built for removing oil, grease and solid particles from water-based liquids such as coolants, lubricants and wash liquids.
Oil Mist Separator for Closed Crankcase Ventilation (CCV) Keeps diesel turbochargers and intercoolers running at peak performance.
Alfie centrifugal separators remove the contaminating oil, grease and solid particles from coolants used in industry, helping prevent tool wear and avoid disposal problems.
BD Series
The critical technologies for biodiesel processing are heating, separation and mixing.
Alfa Laval supplies products within all three technologies for the different production steps.
Brew Series
Alfa Laval disc stack centrifuges for breweries are available in many different sizes and configurations, each specially designed for a specific kind of separation duty.
BRUX 510
Recovering beer from surplus yeast by BRUX 510 nozzle separator.
BTAX Separator
The BTAX centrifuge is specially designed for biotechnical processes such as cell harvesting, broth clarification and separation of cell debris.
The centrifuge has a very high separation efficiency and can be installed in a closed system.
BTAX Separator
The BTAX centrifuge is specially designed for biotechnical processes such as cell harvesting, broth clarification and separation of cell debris.
The centrifuge has a very high separation efficiency and can be installed in a closed system.
The Clara range of self cleaning high-speed separators is specially developed for the food and beverage industries.
In developing the Clara range, we emphasized gentle product treatment, high separation efficiency and low power consumption.
For clarification duties that require low oxygen pick up and a completely hermetic environment.
The Culturefuge is designed for clarification duties, especially when clarifying liquids from shear sensitive particles.
The EcoStream oily water treatment system combines two Alfa Laval core technologies into a fully automated system for cleaning oily waste water aboard ships and marine installations, as well as at land-based power plants and other facilities.
This mobile centrifugal separator effectively removes both particles and water from oils widely used in industry. This dramatically increases oil service life, and reduces wear on all kinds of equipment.
Alfa Laval FALCON treatment systems use centrifugal separation to remove any solids and water that might contaminate the fuel and lube oils used in a wide range of engine equipment.
Alfa Laval Fuel Oil Cleaning Unit Solutions (FOCUS) are automated modular systems for purifying the liquid fuel oils used in gas turbine power plants.
FOX 15
The FOX 15 is a high-speed disc stack nozzle centrifuge installation that combines high solids handling capabilities with the exceptional separation performance provided by disc stack centrifuge technology.
Purification or clarification of mineral oils used in marine installations and power stations (fuel and lubricating oils).
The Alfa Laval centrifuges for recovery of yeast and other microorganisms take advantage of the fact that the slurry of concentrated solids is pseudo-plastic and flows easily in the bowl against the centrifugal force.
Merco nozzle centrifuges are designed specifically to meet the separation needs of companies involved in starch processing.
Built to cope with high solids loads, with a focus on better performance, low energy consumption and easy maintenance.
The MIB 303 separator features a new design concept for solid-bowl separators.
Advanced manufacturing, design and drive technologies have contributed to a separator more compact and lightweight than conventional solid-bowl models.
Easy to instal and maintain the MMB has a large space for sludge collection during purification of marine and power mineral oils.
OCM - Oil Cleaning Modules
The Alfa Laval Oil Cleaning Module (OCM) provides rapid, effective separation of the oil, water and sludge components in contaminated mineral lubricating and hydraulic oils.
Phoenix system
The Alfa Laval Phoenix treatment system for contaminated water is an extremely versatile, modular process solution whose elements can be combined to meet many different needs.
PureBilge is a fully automated centrifugal bilge water treatment system that cleans oily wastewater onboard vessels at sea. By effectively removing marine oil pollution, it makes bilge water safe for discharge overboard.
PureVent is a radical new approach to cleaning the gas vented from engine crankcases by using centrifugal separation technology to remove oil mist and other particles, and help protect the environment.
PX Series
The PX range is designed exclusively for continuous degumming, neutralizing, dewaxing, and washing of various vegetable oils and animal fats, for small, medium and large capacity refining plants.
S and P Flex range
Alfa Laval's S and P Flex range is a modular cleaning system for lubrication, hydraulic and fuel oils, combining the strengths of our S- and P- separators.
The X20 disc stack centrifuge system is specially designed to provide the oil industry with a highly efficient way to remove water and solids from heavy crude oil.