Indication Units
Units are available for Alfa Laval valves LKB/LKLA, SRC, ARC and ARC-SB
The IndiTop indication unit is a straightforward, easy-to-use electrical feedback unit for use with Alfa Laval sanitary valves.
It can be set up either manually or via a PLC.
The ThinkTop® range is the most advanced valve-top control and indicator system available anywhere in the world, providing access to the full spectrum of digital electronic interface modules used for operating and monitoring solenoid valves.
ThinkTop Basic
The ThinkTop® Basic is a basic control head including sensor board and solenoid valves to control processing valves.
It is used to control and supervise pneumatic valves and is mounted on top of the valve.
LKB Butterfly
Butterfly valves are relatively straightforward on/off routing valves with a substantial opening area and low flow resistance.
This makes them the workhorse solution in modern processing technology, ideal for use with low and medium-viscosity liquids.
Check Valves
The LKC-2 non-return valve is specially designed for use in stainless steel pipe installations to prevent reverse flow.
Tri-Clover® LKC UltraPure
Designed to meet the specific demands of the biotech, pharmaceutical and personal care industries, the LKC UltraPure non-return valve provide safe, easy installation and high, consistent quality.
Ball valve
Ball valves are constructed around a full-bore design that makes sure the product passes through the valve with minimal effect on the flow, and that there is as little pressure drop as possible.
The MH shutter valve is suitable in applications with large partials, high viscous or strict requirements minimizing pressure loss.
The LKUV-2 is a reliable air-relief valve designed for use when it is important to remove any air present, such as vertical installation on top of a pipe run or container, or upstream of the inlet for a pump.
SMP Mixproof Valve
SMP mixproof valves are a simplified alternative to Unique mixproof valves. Designed as a cost-effective solution that stil gives you the advantages of mixproof valves.
Unique mixproof valve
The Unique double-seat mixproof design makes it easy to stream two different products or fluids of virtually any kind through the same valve at the same time, without any risk of cross-contamination.
Unique PMO mixproof valves
The Optimum Solution for Dairies.
Unique Tank Outlet
The modular design gives you the perfect valve for your exact needs in all mixproof tank outlet operations allowing two different products in pipeline and tank.
CPM Valve
Sanitary constant-pressure valves for use in stainless steel pipe systems, consisting of a valve body with valve seat, cover, a valve plug with a diaphragm unit and a clamp.
SPC regulating valves are are ideal for high volume, sanitary liquid processing applications where precision control of flow rate or pressure is required.