Shifting the conventional benchmarks for sludge dewatering performance. Compared with previous generations of equipment, they provide 2–3% drier sludge cake or as much as 30% greater capacity – or any combination in between.
The AlfaOliver is a small-scale process module designed for the olive grower who wants to ensure a unique taste and quality profile for his production of extra virgin olive oil.
AlfaPlus uses the power of centrifugal separation instead of the rotary screens and presses used in conventional surimi processing to increase yields and eliminate several process stages.
The ALSYS thickening module range from Alfa Laval comprises a number of standardized modules ready for immediate installation on delivery.
Alfa Laval Centribone plants provide the most versatile and efficient way to process meat by-products.
A continuous process for reducing DAF skimmings with Alfa Laval decanter centrifuge at the heart of the process.
A multifunctional, all-in-one system for ensuring very high yield when extracting juice from grape mash.
The Foodec range of decanter centrifuges brings a new level of separation performance to industries where delicate food and beverage products are processed and where exceptional hygiene standards are crucial.
LYNX - Drilling mud decanter
A LYNX drilling mud decanter centrifuge efficiently removes undesirable solids from drilling mud in crude oil extraction.
P2 range
The P2 range of decanter centrifuges brings all the benefits of advanced centrifugal separation technology to extremely aggressive processing environments.
P2 units are specially designed for separating aggressive sludges and slurries.
Power Plates
Reduced energy costs is only half the story.Reduced impact on the environment is the other half. It’s win-win with Power Plates from Alfa Laval Parts and Services
A family of G - Alfa Laval's complete series of fuel ethanol decanters designed and built for ethanol producers.
SG2 is the producers choice for ethanol production,
The STNX range of high-performance decanter centrifuges provides the starch industry with the most cost-effective separation solution available, with the lowest power consumption and life cycle costs as well as the most advanced technology.
Decanters in Alfa Laval's WS range are suitable for sludge dewatering in a wide range of industrial applications, such as paint waste and surface treatment.